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We handle attached some old and new aspects. 5. The by heart, and all the traditional pedagogy in general are motivated by current tests, which are still what they were fifty years ago. Modernizing the exams, it would be a blow against, triggering the necessary modernization of textbooks and school practices. It is this work that we will begin.

6. In any field, we can not be content to be critical and destructive, even when it comes to your almost hopeless situation of the cities schools. Despite the increasing difficulties of a valid educational work in the barracks-schools, it is young – and not so young – who do not despair. They pledge donations free text and correspondence.

They write a limographie Journal, they use self-correcting exercise books, made especially for them. We want to mobilize these comrades, train them in the discussion for acceptable solutions, popularize the idea of ??teaching units that might be the ideal solution.

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